In Somatic Education, we take care of our health by using specific movements to focus on and make us more aware of our bodies. In everyday life, we too often treat ourselves and our bodies as separate entities. However, in Somatic Education, we see a person as a unity composed of many aspects: physical, emotional, energetic, mental, spiritual, temporal. Through working with the body we are able to get to know and connect all these spheres of the self so as to attain health and truly enjoy the fullness of life.
The pioneers of somatic education include Elsa Gindler, Charlotte Selver, Frederic Alexander, Moshe Feldenkrais, Thomas Hanna. Each of them designed a distinct education system based on their own life experience. Alexander was an actor who lost his voice due to a chronic laryngitis. Feldenkrais was told he would never walk after a knee injury.
Somatic education uses two models of learning through movement: active group work and passive individual work. In our center we offer, on a regular basis, the forms of individual and group work developed by Harriet Goslins, which are based on the teachings of Feldenkrais. We also invite teachers of other modalities within Somatic Education (see calendar for current information).